The event is a private, “by invitation” gathering of programmatic executives from networks, MSO’s brands and agencies, as well as senior leaders from online video, publishers and OTT platforms. Summit participants will share their knowledge of how to compete in the evolving programmatic landscape as well as discuss the impact of programmatic advancements, technologies and marketplace changes on their operations, business models and plans for the future.

The summit agenda will include five to six dynamic panel discussions, many with real world case studies, which cover a range of subjects.


Topics include but are not limited to…

  • Cultivating Data
  • Measurement/Metrics
  • Programmatic Inventory
  • Mobile Programmatic
  • What Programmatic TV or Video Means Today
  • Programmatic Advantages – can automation create more efficient campaigns by focusing on specific audiences rather than broad demos
  • The Future of Programmatic Video
  • Making Programmatic Happen – how to set up your business to take advantage of programmatic opportunities, what systems need to be in place to organize inventory and communicate to buyers and sellers, what are the best practices in revenue growth.
  • Weighing the advantages of programmatic against the incremental expenses
  • Preparing and training your staff to be highly effective with programmatic placement


Why Attend

  • Attendees receive a complimentary participation package that includes hotel accommodations and meals to ensure a cost-effective experience.
  • Network with colleagues and get one-on-one access to high-profile industry experts.
  • It’s a forum to discuss how to compete in the changing marketplace and learn best practices for understanding the programmatic landscape.
  • The Summit is a private networking event for senior industry executives to meet
    and share experiences with each other and sponsoring company executives.
  • Take part in peer-exchange sessions, discussion panel Q&A’s, and other daily learning experiences.
  • Provide a platform for executives to learn about current and evolving programmatic solutions that may benefit their organizations.


Why Sponsor

  • Limited Sponsors by Category provides an un-cluttered environment for your brand
  • This is a private, by invitation only event. Attendance is restricted to a select number of pre-qualified guests to ensure the best audience.
  • Summit attendance is limited to 120 invited guests; plus representatives from each of the sponsoring companies.
  • Sponsors may suggest candidates to be included among the select group of invited guests.
  • Each sponsor is entitled to one company representative to be a participant in a panel session.
  • Gold and Silver sponsors may invite a customer to give a brief (six to eight minute) case study on their panel, or under some circumstances, sponsor and end-user may appear on different panels.
  • Sponsors are encouraged to submit recommendations for individuals to serve as panel participants


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